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Smoke Composites makes the lightest stock available for your carbine or rifle. There is absolutely nothing lighter than these stocks. They are made of carbon fiber and very strong. The stock also IS the buffer tube which means no extra weight of a buffer tube is needed. Each stock comes with the castle nut and a carbon fiber end plate. There are 4 versions of the stock. Carbine closed, Carbine open and for longer length of pull, Rifle closed and Rifle open. The rifle length stocks include a spacer for using a carbine buffer spring. Optional aditions are a Magpul butt pad (which must be ordered with the stock since they get made to fit together) and a carbon fiber cheek riser (Sold as a separate addition).

Weights of the stocks are as follows with the listed weight including the castle nut and carbon fiber end plate.

Closed Carbine: 5.0 ozs (128 g). Length 9.5″

Open Carbine: 4.1 ozs (112 g), Length: 9.5″

Closed Rifle: 5.5 ozs (141 g): Length: 11″

Open Rifle: 4.6 ozs (118 g), Length: 11″

With the optional buttpad, the weight is increased by 2.01 ozs (57 g)

Note: When you purchase a Rifle Length Stock the stock is shortened so that when the rubber buttpad is added the overall LOP remains the same as the standard rifle length buttstock (11.00″).



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