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High quality US made steel with black oxide finish

Innovative two piece modular design for easy caliber and carrier weight changes and easy cleaning/maintenance

Uses standard AR-15 extractor and spring for increased reliability and more consistent ejection

Unique design provides an additional 2 oz of mass over most standard 9mm bolts enhancing operation

Ramped carrier to work with both 9mm and standard AR hammers

Precision milled for use with both Glock style or traditional Colt style AR-9 lower receivers

**NOTE:  Many Aftermarket drop in triggers use modified hammers which may not reset properly, or hit the firing pin square on the carrier which could cause firing pins to bind and snap.  We recommend using only MILSPEC hammers with any 9mm, .40, or .45 blow back bolt carrier groups.

When re-assembling this BCG after cleaning — PLEASE be sure the firing pin spring is FULLY seated on the firing pin head before re-installing.  Not following these instructions can cause unnecessary wear and premature breakage and will not be covered under warranty.


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