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Carbine Conversion Unit basic version with a fixed M4 stock. The stock is not adjustable and is fixed solidly in place.

Specify in the comments for which pistol frame and caliber you are ordering. 

The price includes the $39 shipping cost.


Choose options of .45 ACP, 460 Roland or 10mm.


The CCU fits: Compact (G19, G23, G32), Standard (G17, G22, G24, G31, G34, G35) and Large (G20, G40, G21, G41) HOWEVER, some early model Glocks are not compatible with the CCU. If there is only one pin for the locking block on your frame, then it won’t be compatible.

Choose options of:

Compact                9mm, 40S&W

Standard                9mm, 40S&W

Large                      45ACP, 10mm


The following XD models work with the CCU

4″ & 5″ 9mm/40SW/45ACP – YES

XD Mod 2:
4″ – 9mm/40SW/45ACP – YES
5″ – 9mm/40SW/45ACP – YES

3.8″ Compact & 3.8″ 9mm/40SW – YES
4.5″ 9mm/40SW/45ACP – YES (includes threaded barrel models)
5.25″ 9mm/40SW/45ACP – YES


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